The MicroBooNE experiment will build and operate a large, approximately 100-ton, liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC) located along the Booster neutrino beam line. The experiment will measure low energy neutrino cross sections, and investigate the low energy excess events observed by the MiniBooNE experiment. See About the Physics for further information and for links to plots available for public download. See About the Detector for further information the detector design, including many photos taken during the experiment construction process. The Presentations page holds links to MicroBooNE talks given at various conferences.

The detector serves as a necessary next step in a phased program towards the construction of massive, kilo-ton range, LArTPC detectors. The program to date at Fermilab consists of : the argon TPC and argon purity test stands at the PAB lab; ArgoNeuT, a small liquid argon TPC placed in the MINOS Hall in the NuMI beam line; and LAPD, the Liquid Argon Purity Demonstration, a technical test of a cryogenic plant to attain liquid argon purity in a 20-ton vessel sufficient for TPC operation. Various members of MicroBooNE participate in one or more of these activities.

The MicroBooNE spokespeople are Bonnie Fleming (Yale University) and Sam Zeller (Fermilab). The collaboration consists of over 100 scientists and students from 19 institutions.


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