MicroBooNE Project Web Pages

The Project Pages hold information and links for the collaboration and its Project Managers, and also hold links to project Director's and DOE Review pages. A link to the Project Home Page is located on the menu bar above, at the top of every page on this site. While some material on the Project Pages is public, much of the material, including material from reviews, is private.


DOE has set up specific guidelines for the design and construction process of HEP experiments which it funds, set forth in DOE order 413.3A. A DOE Project is the means by which those guidelines are followed. The overall process has 5 major checkpoints, called Critical Decisions, or CDs. CD-0 marks the formal start of a Project, and CD-4 marks its end. In between are three checkpoints in the design process: CD-1, which approves the conceptual designs; CD-2, which approves the cost and schedule baseline for the selected design; and CD-3, which approves the design completeness and the start of construction. Each of these CD checkpoints corresponds to a DOE-led review of the project. As should be clear from this description, the design process is well scrutinized before construction is approved to start. In short, a Project puts effort into planning the entire design and construction process, set out in a schedule, and then follows the scheduled plan.


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