Welcome to MicroBooNE!

This page is designed to help new MicroBooNE collaborators find their way around the experiment and Fermilab.

Table of Contents

Step One

  • First, make sure the PI of your institution has sent an email to the MicroBooNE spokespeople letting them know that you are joining MicroBooNE. The spokespeople will need to approve your accounts and will send you a welcome email with instructions. If you don't know who your PI is, the list of PIs is here. Look for the word "(IB)" next to the person's name.

Fermilab ID, Computing Accounts, and Required Training

  • Badging changes for non-U.S. visitors
  • New MicroBooNE Computer Accounts
    • Getting started with computing services at Fermilab describes all of the necessary steps, which may take a full day. Here are a few pointers:
      • When following the first steps for Introduction to Computing at Fermilab, one is considered an:
        • "Employee" if you are hired by Fermilab.
        • "Contractor" if your hiring business is paid by Fermilab.
        • "On-Site Visitor" if you are hired by your institution but are staying at the Fermilab site to perform research.
        • "Off-Site Visitor" if you are hired by your institution and performing research with Fermilab, but are staying at your home institution.
      • Be sure to request a FNALU account by following the directions at FNALU Accounts, which starts by logging into the Service Desk (going there in person is fastest!), or via email at servicedesk@fnal.gov. Once this is completed you should be able to access the MicroBooNE machines, described in "Software" section on the current page.
  • Other notes about filling out these forms
    • You are joining the E-974 (MicroBooNE) experiment.
    • The "Fermilab contact person" is one of our spokespersons. Their information can be found at Contact MicroBooNE.
  • If You Already Have A Fermilab ID
    • To request a MicroBooNE computer account if you already have a Fermilab ID, kerberos password, and services account, please go to this link
  • Accounts for SCD Personnel
    • If you are a member of SCD and requesting an account for service support, please do not use the General MicroBooNE Interactive Account request but open a general request and direct the request to the MicroBooNE Computing Sector liaison, Mike Kirby.
  • Renewing Accounts and more

Visas for non-U.S. Citizens

  • Traveling to Fermilab
    • Fly into Midway Airport (MDW) or O'Hare Airport (ORD), both in Chicago.
    • Fermilab has procured special rates with West Suburban Limo for shuttling between Fermilab and the Chicago airports. The driver will want to know where to drop you off. Most people are either dropped at the dorms or at the main office building, called Wilson Hall, also known as "the High Rise".
    • If you choose to rent a car, you can navigate to Fermilab.
    • During daylight hours, the general public is allowed on site. You will need a valid photo ID to get on site. Sometimes the guard asks what your business is, anything from "viewing the buffalo" to "visiting the user's office to get a Fermilab ID" will be adequate.
    • During the night, a Fermilab ID is usually required. Exceptions include a reservation in the dorms, a Fermilab car rental reservation, an escort, or a call to security (1-630-840-3414) from a person who already has a Fermilab ID.


    • On-site houses and dorms are available for rent through the Housing Office. Please note that on-site housing is in very high demand over the summer and summer requests must be put in early. Fermilab summer housing/dorm requests are no longer submitted by the experiment but are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Instructions are emailed to the PIs of each institution at the start of the year.
    • We also have negotiated reduced rates at various neighboring hotels:
      • Candlewood Suites (27W300 Warrenville Rd., Warrenville) has studio and one bedroom suites. Fermilab preferred rates for Candlewood Suites (2014). As of March 2014, they also now offer a free shuttle service within a 5 mile radius. The one-bedroom suite has free wireless, fully equipped kitchen, and a separate living area.
      • Pheasant Run (4051 E. Main St, St. Charles, IL) is looking for business and is willing to book rooms at the GSA rate of $72/night for people who are planning to do work at Fermilab. If you stay for longer than 30 nights, they will not charge a lodging tax. They also have a complimentary shuttle that can be arranged as transportation. To get the special negotiated rate, contact Abby Fletcher at (630) 524-5008 and mention Fermilab.
      • Comfort Inn (1555 E. Fabyan Pkwy, Geneva, IL) has a Fermilab government rate of $76/night. Call (630) 208-8811.
    • Here are also some off-site housing options.
    • Also, Railway Plaza in Naperville (10-10 mins away) has one and two bedroom apartments available for rent for $120/day (1 bedroom) or $145/day (2 bedroom). Apartments are fully furnished and include a washer/dryer in the unit, full housewares, expanded cable, wireless internet, and all utilities.

    Getting Around

    • On-site Car Leasing with Pilots Leasing Company, they have a desk in the User's Office
    • On-Site Taxi Service - This is a free service for employees and users. They will shuttle you between buildings on the Fermilab site between 7:30am - 4:45pm. Have your Fermilab ID number ready and call 1-630-840-4225.
    • Bicycle Rental - inquire at the Housing Office.
    • Public Transport - This varies, most people in the midwest drive unless you live in the city of Chicago. Here are some links to get started. Fermilab also has a new Call-n-Ride program with Pace bus that will provide rides from the local train stations to/from Fermilab from 6:30am to 6:50pm on weekdays.

    Communication within the Collaboration


    • Once you have set up computing access with Fermilab as per Getting started with computing services at Fermilab, then you are ready to start accessing the MicroBooNE computers and software.
    • The software used by MicroBooNE, and shared with other liquid argon experiments, is called LArSoft. The LArSoft Wiki will get you started. Your services account which was set up during account creations in Fermilab ID, Computing Accounts, and Required Training (not the kerberos account) is needed to log into this page if you wish to eventually "checkout code", otherwise, you can freely browse.
      • You have been added to the larsoft redmine site as a developer.
      • You should read the guide to Redmine Guide to understand how the project site works.
      • This also means that you have the ability to commit code to the svn reporistory.
      • Try these exercises to practice running larsoft jobs interactively: uboonecode exercises
      • Before you submit anything, please first read the uboonecode guide documentation and consult with a LArSoft expert.
      • Note: If you break LArSoft with your commit, you will be affecting the work of ArgoNeuT, MicroBooNE, and DUNE. Know that this could result in 200+ people visiting your office to "discuss" good coding practice in the strongest of terms.
    • The uBooNE code Wiki is also a primary resource for using LArSoft for the MicroBooNE experiment specifically.
    • The larforum is a bulletin board system where LArSoft and other MicroBooNE related topics are discussed. It may be a good idea to subscribe to some of the topics.
    • The microboone_analysis_tools@fnal.gov mailing list is another forum for software questions and answers. Subscribe by following the directions for the Fermilab Listserv Other lists of software development interest include larsoftcommit@fnal.gov, uboonecommit@fnal.gov, larsoft@fnal.gov, larsofttracking@fnal.gov, and microboone_analysis@fnal.gov.
    • There is a LArSoft skype chat group, where MicroBooNE members can discuss software development live. To be added, please ask the MicroBooNE Analysis Tools conveners, Herb Greenlee or Wes Ketchum.


    • To get started taking your first MicroBooNE shifts, please contact the MicroBooNE Shift Coordinator, Thomas Strauss.

    Getting Help

    • Ask your nearest collaborator! We all want to help you! But if we don't know the answers, here are some other good places to start:
    • For Fermilab computing account/email/wireless questions, visit the Service Desk in the ground floor of Wilson Hall, or email them at servicedesk@fnal.gov.
    • For mail/package/office resource questions or to book a Fermilab conference room, MicroBooNE has an administrative assistant, Julie Saviano. She has her office on WH10XO.
    • For general questions, the User's Office can usually direct you to the right place.


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